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While LU RONG YUAN YU 106 is registered as one light PS vessel in the NPFC list, the identical name with different vessel types were seen. LU RONG YUAN YU 106 with lift net type was seen at 40 30.4'N, 149 34'E on 29 May 2016. LU RONG YUAN YU 106 with stern-trawl type was seen at 40 17.6'N, 148 33'E on the same day. The two fishing vessels with duplicate names “LU RONG YUAN YU 106” were seen transshipping with a carrier vessel “MIN FU DING YU LENG 08888” at 42 16.4'N, 151 21.4'E on 8 Oct 2016 (see the last photo). (Port displayed on the vessel: Shidao; Vessel type: Stern Trawl/Light lift net vessel; Tonnage: 651t/651t) MMSI: Lift net 412328748 Stern Trawl 412328748