5th Scientific Committee Meeting (SC5)

Meeting Date: 
Tuesday, July 7, 2020 to Friday, July 31, 2020
Meeting Type: 
Scientific Committee Meeting

The 5th Scientific Committee Meeting (SC5) that should have taken place in Reunion has been cancelled because of the COVID-19 pandemic situation and flight restrictions.
High priority items of the agenda have been processed remotely by video meetings sessions and forums exchanges in July 2020. The items are provided in the last revision of the agenda.

AttachmentSizeDate uploaded
PDF icon SIOFA_SC5_Report_with_annexes_and_budget.pdf1.69 MB2020-09-16
Working papers: 
AttachmentSizeDate uploaded
PDF icon SC-05-08 National Report China.pdf827 KB2020-02-29
PDF icon SC-05-09 National Report Australia.pdf757.47 KB2020-02-29
PDF icon SC-05-10 National Report Chinese Taipei.pdf891.74 KB2020-02-29
PDF icon SC-05-11 National Report Cook Islands SIOFA Rev1.pdf445.38 KB2020-03-07
PDF icon SC-05-12 National Report Republic of Korea.pdf705.71 KB2020-02-29
PDF icon SC-05-13 National Report Thailand.pdf1.33 MB2020-02-29
PDF icon SC-05-14 Comoros Annual Report 2019 Bottom Fishing Assessment.pdf1.75 MB2020-02-29
PDF icon SC-05-17 BFIA-update-Australia.pdf887.06 KB2020-02-29
PDF icon SC-05-18 National Report European Union.pdf505.58 KB2020-02-29
PDF icon SC-05-19 BFIA EU ES FISHERIES IN THE SIOFA CA 2020.pdf1.46 MB2020-02-29
PDF icon SC-05-20 National Report French Territory.pdf1.14 MB2020-03-02
PDF icon SC-05-21 No boundaries for whales interacting with fishing activities targeting Patagonian toothfish.pdf1.17 MB2020-03-02
PDF icon SC-05-22 National Report of Japan.pdf672.65 KB2020-03-03
PDF icon SC-05-24 EU proposal to establish a Framework for Scientific Research.pdf274.2 KB2020-05-08
PDF icon SC-05-25 EU proposal for a Framework on New Fisheries.pdf169.8 KB2020-07-07
PDF icon SC-05-28 [PRESENTATION] Standardised CPUE for Alfonsino.pdf377.42 KB2020-07-07
PDF icon SC-05-29 Age-Structured Production Model assessments of the Alfonsino.pdf806.31 KB2020-07-07
PDF icon SC-05-29 [PRESENTATION] ASPM assessment of SIOFA Alfonsino.pdf531.68 KB2020-07-07
PDF icon SC-05-30 [PRESENTATION} Preliminary analysis of the Patagonian toothfish data of Del Cano Rise.pdf1.06 MB2020-07-07
PDF icon SC-05-33 Annual National Report - Seychelles.pdf173.63 KB2020-07-13