Third Compliance Commitee Meeting (CC3)

Meeting Date: 
Thursday, June 27, 2019 to Saturday, June 29, 2019
Meeting Type: 
Compliance Committee Meeting
Pearle Beach Resort & Spa conference centre, Flic en Flac, Mauritius

A Meeting Notice containing all relevant meeting information and a registration form may be downloaded from the MoP6 meeting page.

To facilitate travel to meetings, participants are strongly recommended to book in Flic en Flac, either at the meeting venue or within a short distance from the meeting venue.

Meeting Photo: 
AttachmentSizeDate uploaded
PDF icon CC3 report FINAL.pdf3.55 MB2019-06-30
PDF icon CC3 report FINAL_without annex.pdf389.98 KB2019-06-30
AttachmentSizeDate uploaded
PDF icon MoP6-Prop01 Australia and EU proposal for High Seas Boarding and Inspection Procedures.pdf386.44 KB2019-05-28
PDF icon MoP6-Prop02 Thailand’s proposal for Amendment of CMM 2017_07 Vessel Authorisation .pdf294.33 KB2019-05-28
PDF icon MoP6-Prop04 EU proposal for amending CMM2018 01 Bottom Fishing.pdf438.08 KB2019-05-28
PDF icon MoP6-Prop04_Rev1 EU proposal for amending CMM2018 01 Bottom Fishing.pdf634.7 KB2019-06-24
PDF icon MoP6-Prop05 EU proposal for amending CMM 2018 02 Data Standards.pdf337.76 KB2019-05-28
PDF icon MoP6-Prop06 EU proposal for establishment of VMS in SIOFA.pdf623.39 KB2019-05-28
PDF icon MoP6-Prop07 EU proposal to establish a Framework for Scientific Research.pdf245.22 KB2019-05-28
PDF icon MoP6-Prop08 SIOFA EU proposal for a Framework for New and Exploratory Fisheries.pdf151.74 KB2019-05-28
PDF icon MoP6-Prop09 SIOFA EU proposal on sharks.pdf161.92 KB2019-05-28
PDF icon MoP6-Prop11 Secretariat proposal for amending CMM 2010_10 Monitoring.pdf136.17 KB2019-06-03
PDF icon MoP6-Prop13 AUS proposal for the management of Dissostichus eleginoides.pdf920.47 KB2019-06-01
PDF icon MoP6-Prop14 AUS proposal for General Rules for the Management of Bottom Fishing.pdf472.32 KB2019-06-01
PDF icon MoP6-Prop15 AUS Proposal for Management of Demersal Stocks .pdf918.3 KB2019-06-01
PDF icon MoP6-Prop16 AUS Proposal for the Prevention of Significant Adverse Impacts on VMEs.pdf1.03 MB2019-06-01
PDF icon MoP6-Prop17 JPN proposal for amending CMM 2018_01 Bottom Fishing.pdf962.59 KB2019-06-14
PDF icon MoP6-Prop19 AUS Proposal for a new suite of bottom fishing measures.pdf247.77 KB2019-06-23
PDF icon MoP6-Prop10_Rev1 EU proposal for the mitigation of seabird bycatch.pdf269.34 KB2019-06-26
Other meeting documents notice: 

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