SIOFA IUU vessels list

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Vessel namesort descending Previous names Flag Beneficial owner Operator Photos
Southern Star 136 Hsiang Chang Unknown
STS-50 Ayda, Sea Breez 1, Andrey Dolgov, Std No. 2, Suntai No.2, Sun Tai No. 2, Shinsei Maru No. 2 Togo
Ta Fu 1 Unknown
Tching Ye No 6 El Diria I Unknown
Trinity Yucatan Basin, Exembre, Fonte nova, Jawhara [SEAFO /NAFO] Unknown
Wen Teng No 688 apparently changed to MAHKOIA ABADI No 196 Unknown
Yu Fong 168 Taiwan
Yu Maan Won Unknown
ZHE LING YU LENG 90055 Unknown
ZHE LING YU LENG 905 Unknown
ZHOU YU 651 Unknown
ZHOU YU 652 Unknown
ZHOU YU 653 Unknown
ZHOU YU 656 Unknown
ZHOU YU 657 Unknown
ZHOU YU 658 Unknown
ZHOU YU 659 Unknown
ZHOU YU 660 Unknown
ZHOU YU 661 Unknown