SIOFA IUU vessels list

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Vessel name Previous names Flagsort descending Beneficial owner Operator Photos
Daniaa Carlos Unknown
ZHOU YU 660 Unknown
Ocean Diamond Unknown
Dragon III Unknown
ZHOU YU 661 Unknown
Ocean Lion Unknown
Eros Dos Furabolos Unknown
HAI DA 705 Unknown
Fu Hsiang Fa Unknown
LU RONG YU 1189 Unknown
Orca Unknown
Fu Lien No 1 Unknown
ZHE LING YU LENG 90055 Unknown
Oriente No 7 Unknown
Full Rich Unknown
ZHE LING YU LENG 905 Unknown
Perlon Cherne, Sargo, Hoking, Bigaro, Ugalpescaa Unknown
Gala I Manara II/Roagan Unknown
LU RONG YUAN YU 101 Unknown
Reymar 6 Unknown